Wachusett School District prepares five-year plan

The Wachusett Regional School District is now beginning work on a new strategic five-year plan to provide direction to the school system’s thirteen schools which currently educate nearly  7,500 students.   Consultants have been hired to work on the study and are currently visiting each of the five towns seeking input from interested citizens.

At the meeting recently held for Holden residents,  concerns were expressed regarding  the large class sizes,  the inadequacy of the funding provided for instructional resources, the difficulties presented by lack of funding for transportation, increasing costs of health insurance for employees, and continued expenses in educating students with special needs.  Holden residents advocated more communication with legislators to defend funding for education in the state budget.

If anyone wishes to submit a suggestion or make a comment for consideration,  please email your ideas to Kenneth Mills, Holden Representative to the Wachusett District School Committee. Ken can be reach at his email address:  Kenneth_Mills@wrsd.net