About us

Massachusetts Democratic Party:

Massachusetts Democrats believe in and work for the common good. We know that the strength of our democracy is dependent on the engagement of thoughtful citizens. That is why our party is organized around the basic notion that individuals working together can make a positive impact on their community. Massachusetts Democrats believe that government plays a vital role in the lives of individuals and communities. We recognize that investment in these priorities benefits sustainable economic growth and family-sustaining jobs.

Holden Democratic Town Committee:

The Holden Democratic Town Committee fosters and advances the ideals and aims of the Democratic Party and works to build and strengthen the party. The Committee organizes and works for the election and appointment of members of the Democratic Party at the State and National levels. We meet monthly to discuss current events, town and local issues, state and national issues and find out how we can get involved and make our voices heard. We also sponsor the Good Neighbor Award to recognize the hard work, philanthropy and volunteerism of members of our community. The Good Neighbor Award is completely non partisan and open to any resident of Holden. 

Mission of the Holden Democratic Town Committee:

Our mission is to foster and advance the ideals and aims of the Democratic Party. We invite Holden residents to join in for discussion, work on various projects and initiatives, get involved in the community, and raise voices to make a positive difference in our community.